Who owns Dairyland insurance company?

That small business is now known as Sentry Insurance—the parent company of Dairyland.

How do I cancel my Dairyland insurance?

To cancel your Dairyland insurance, you have to call its customer service hotline at 1-800-334-0090.

Is Dairyland insurance any good?

Dairyland provides auto, motorcycle and off-road insurance to drivers around the country. The company offers fairly standard coverage options; however, its customer satisfaction ratings are subpar. Dairyland’s insurance rates are also significantly higher than its competitors, making it a poor choice for most drivers.

Is Dairyland insurance in Michigan?

Dairyland car insurance is available in 37 states. States that Dairyland does not offer insurance in include: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

Why is Dairyland insurance so expensive?

Based in Wisconsin, Dairyland has specialized in high-risk drivers since it was founded in 1953. It’s a part of the “nonstandard” market of auto insurance companies, and it charges accordingly high prices.

Is Viking insurance and Dairyland the same?

Is Viking Auto Insurance The Same As Dairyland Insurance? Yes, Dairyland Insurance acquired Viking Insurance, so the companies are now one and the same. Aspects of Viking car insurance policies remain the same. Because of the merger, the insurance agency can now serve clients in 43 states.

Does Dairyland write in Florida?

At this time, Dairyland Insurance does not write [PRODUCT] policies in [STATE]. We can, however, refer you to our preferred vendor – INSURAMATCH – who can help you compare prices and make your purchase.

What kind of company is Sentry?

Sentry Insurance is a mutual insurance company specializing in business insurance. The company’s home office is in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where about half the company’s approximately 4,500 employees are located.

What is SR22 insurance?

An SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility required for some drivers by their state or court order. It serves as proof that the driver has purchased the minimum required auto coverage in the state. Depending on your situation and what state you live in, an FR-44 may take the place of the SR-22.

Does Dairyland offer gap?

Dairyland sells low-cost car insurance products and non-standard insurance for high-risk drivers, such as SR22 filings. Dairyland provides car insurance for drivers in 37 states with auto insurance packages with flexible payment plans. Dairyland insurance is not available in Washington, D.C., or California.

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