Who bought Pemco Insurance?

PEMCO Corp., in which PMIC owns a 20 percent interest, is now chiefly owned by employees. PEMCO Insurance Company (PIC) was chartered in 1972 expressly to offer preferred automobile coverage to educators. It is now wholly owned by PMIC.Mar 1, 2000

What is Pemco accident forgiveness?

Accident Forgiveness Benefit If you’ve been a safe driver with PEMCO for five or more years, your rate won’t increase after your first minor accident. Plus, we offer accident forgiveness to each driver on your policy, not just once per policy.

What states does Pemco cover?

PEMCOTypeMutualIndustryInsuranceFounded1948HeadquartersSeattle, Washington, USAArea servedWashington Oregon6 more rows

How many employees does Pemco Insurance have?

How many Employees does PEMCO Insurance have? PEMCO Insurance has 510 employees.

How long has Pemco been in business?

For more than 70 years, we’ve driven the same roads, faced the same storms and cared about the same neighborhoods — which is how we’ve found the best way to protect them. We pledge, unwaveringly, to do all we can to have a positive impact on our region and our Northwest community.

Who founded Pemco Insurance?

PEMCO founder was a defender of educators and education Even fewer would do it to win a $10 bet. But then again, PEMCO’s larger-than-life founder, Robert J. Handy, wasn’t just any guy.

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