What kind of insurance is Liberty National?

Globe Life Liberty National Division is a Globe Life company that has offered life insurance since 1900. The company is licensed in 49 states. In 2020, Globe Life paid over $984 million in life insurance claims. In addition to life insurance, the company offers a variety of supplemental health insurance products.

How do I file a claim with Liberty National?

You may contact our Customer Service Department at 800-333-0637 or 205-325-4979. One of our Customer Service Representatives will help you through the claim process. You can also follow the instructions on our website which can be found here.

Did Globe Life Buy Liberty National?

In 1980, Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company was acquired by Liberty National Life Insurance Company and the holding company known as Torchmark Corporation (now Globe Life Inc.).

How do I talk to a real person at Liberty Mutual?

How to get in touch with usConnect using social: Tweet us: @AskLiberty.By phone: Dial customer service: 1-800-290-8711.By mail: Billing Address: Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. Personal Market – RPC. PO Box 1604. … Corporate information: Liberty Mutual Insurance Group corporate offices. Contact corporate offices.

Who took over Liberty National?

In the 1980s, the Liberty National Insurance Holding Company became Torchmark Corporation which then became Globe Life on August 8, 2019.

How do I cancel my liberty national policy?

Give us a call and our customer service experts will help you through the process. If you need to cancel your policy for any reason, we’re happy to help. Call us anytime at 1-800-290-8711.

What is a Liberty National Discount Card?

The Liberty National Discount Card enables customers to get discounts on certain health services. This card is not insurance. The new Discount Card serves as a lead generator and is available at no cost to customers. The card is good for one year and can be renewed at no additional cost.

Who owns the National Life and Accident insurance Company?

It was purchased by American General Corporation in 1982. The motto of National Life & Accident was “We Shield Millions”.

What is the term in term life insurance?

A term life insurance policy is the simplest, purest form of life insurance: You pay a premium for a period of time – typically between 10 and 30 years – and if you die during that time a cash benefit is paid to your family (or anyone else you name as your beneficiary).

Are life insurance policies public record?

Life insurance policies are not usually public record, but they can be found on sites that aggregate records of unclaimed money in each state.Apr 6, 2022

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