What kind of insurance is Donegal?

Donegal Mutual Insurance Company operates as a property and casualty insurance company. The Company provides personal, farm, and commercial insurance products. Donegal Mutual Insurance serves customers in the United States.

What states does Donegal insurance write in?

Donegal Mutual and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Mountain States Commercial Insurance Company and Mountain States Indemnity Company, market commercial products together as the Mountain States Insurance Group in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.

What does the Donegal Group do?

Donegal Group Inc. is an insurance holding company whose insurance subsidiaries offer personal and commercial property and casualty lines of insurance in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern, New England and Southern regions of the U.S. The insurance subsidiaries of Donegal Group Inc.

Does Donegal have life insurance?

Yes, you can use an existing life insurance policy as long as: It is not in place to cover another loan or mortgage; The amount you are insured for is at least equal to the term and amount of your mortgage.

Is Donegal in the UK?

County Donegal is one of the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. It’s a border County, bounded on the southwest, west and north by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by Counties Tyrone, Derry, Fermanagh and Leitrim.

What is the NAIC number for Donegal Insurance?

CompanyNAIC #Donegal13692Encompass10358Evertt Cash Mutual17043Foremost1118515 more rows

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