What is the synonym of credited?

Frequently Asked Questions About credit Some common synonyms of credit are belief, credence, and faith. While all these words mean “assent to the truth of something offered for acceptance,” credit may imply assent on grounds other than direct proof.

Is been credited meaning?

verb. When a sum of money is credited to an account, the bank adds that sum of money to the total in the account. She noticed that only $80,000 had been credited to her account. [ be VERB-ed + to]

What words are related to credit?

synonyms for creditattention.acclaim.acknowledgment.approval.belief.commendation.confidence.credence.More items…

Is it credited or accredited?

To credit means to add something to an account, or to say that someone participated in completing a project or job. To accredit can be used to say that someone participated in completing a project or job, but is usually meant in a “higher-level” sense.

How do you use credit in a sentence?

Examples of credit in a Sentence She’s finally getting the credit she deserves. He shared the credit with his parents. You’ve got to give her credit; she knows what she’s doing. Verb Your payment of $38.50 has been credited to your account.

What accredit means?

Definition of accredit transitive verb. 1 : to give official authorization to or approval of: a : to provide with credentials especially : to send (an envoy) with letters of authorization accredit an ambassador to France.

What is another word for give credit to?

What is another word for give credit?ascribeattributeimputecreditaccreditassignlayreferchargereference32 more rows

What are synonyms for debit?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for debit, like: entry, indebtedness, obligation, liability, tally, charge-card, amount due, accounts collectible, bills, charge and credit.

What is mean by credited and debited?

What are debits and credits? In a nutshell: debits (dr) record all of the money flowing into an account, while credits (cr) record all of the money flowing out of an account. What does that mean? Most businesses these days use the double-entry method for their accounting.

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