What is the largest credit union in Virginia?

The next largest is Virginia Credit Union, the largest state-chartered credit union in Virginia, with $3.7 billion in assets and 300,000 members.

Does Virginia Tech have a credit union?

Virginia Tech Credit Union and Lewis-Gale Credit Union joined, bringing assets to over $25 million. Montgomery County Credit Union joined, and assets totaled over $30 million.

How many locations does Virginia Credit Union have?

VACU Branches & ATMs Our 21 branches are ready to help you with savings and checking services, loans, mortgages and all your financial needs.

Does Virginia have a State Employees credit union?

The Virginia State Employee Loan Program (VSELP), a partnership between the Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund and the Virginia Credit Union, offers loans exclusively to state employees. The program links a financial fitness education program with loans of up to $500 for a six-month period.

What is the number one credit union in the United States?

1. Alliant Credit Union. For the fourth year in a row, Alliant Credit Union has been named Bankrate’s best credit union. The Chicago-based credit union is known for its consistently high rates, extensive fee-free ATM network and easy membership eligibility requirements.

Is Vacu a good bank?

It was established in 1928 and as of March of 2022, it had grown to 710 employees and 313,663 members at 22 locations. Virginia Credit Union’s money market rates are 2X the national average, and it has an A health rating.

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