What is my Schoolfirst member number?

Account Number: You can always find your 12-digit account number(s) in Online and Mobile Banking. Your checking account number can also be found at the bottom of your checks (see image below).

Is SchoolsFirst a good bank?

Overall bank rating The bottom line: SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union is a California-based financial institution with solid checking and savings options at low cost. Other strengths include access to a free nationwide ATM network and cheap overdraft programs.

How do I get my credit score from school first?

Log In > Main Menu > Card Services > Check Free Credit Score.Dec 9, 2019

How do I find my SchoolsFirst share ID?

Once logged into the app, the 2-digit share ID will be on the left hand side of each account name. For example, the share ID for the Primary Regular Share account is ’01’. Hi Gustavo, the share id number is the two digit number located next to your account on your monthly statement or online banking.

What is a member number?

This is used to identify your overall relationship with the credit union. It is given to you when you join the credit union and can be found at the top of your periodic statement.

Is member number the same as account number?

Your Member Number identifies your membership as a whole, while an Account Number is a unique 14-digit number assigned to a specific account. Each account type (checking, savings, loan) will have a different Account Number.

How do I find my debit card member number?

The entire 16-digit numeric sequence on the front of the card is the card number. Your account number is part of that number. As described above, this is the seventh digit to the second-to-last digit for both debit and credit cards.

What is a share ID when transferring money?

The share ID is the two digit number that follows the S on an account number displayed online (ex. 123456-S12) or the two numbers before the zeros start on a full account number (ex. 1120000123456). The loan ID is the two digit number that follows the L on your account number displayed online (ex.

Is schools first only in California?

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union that serves the educational community in California. It is headquartered in Tustin, California, and has branches throughout California….SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union.TypeCredit unionNumber of employees2,332 (2020)WebsiteSchoolsFirstFCU.org10 more rows

How do I wire money from school first?

SchoolsFirst routing numbers for wire transfers The routing number for SchoolsFirst for domestic and international wire transfer is 322282001. If you’re sending a domestic wire transfer, you’ll just need the wire routing number in this table.

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