What is my Hvfcu member number?

At HVCU, you have a member account number (a total of 10 digits long, usually with leading zeros) and a Share ID or Loan ID number associated with each of your accounts. For example, your member account number may be 0000123456. If you have a checking account, that Share ID is 0200.

What time does Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union close?

Home – Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. We are temporarily reducing our Contact Center hours to 9am-6pm Monday – Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday due to staffing vacancies. Our Personal Tellers continue to remain open 8am-8pm Monday – Saturday, but will operate from 9am-6pm on Sundays.

How many branches does Hudson Valley Credit Union have?

Conduct transactions at approximately 5,600 Shared Branches across the country – just as if you were doing business at an HVCU branch. At Shared Branches you can make deposits, withdrawals, and loan payments, transfer funds between accounts, cash checks, and purchase money orders, Travelers Checks, and official checks.

How do I check my Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union balance?

Call 845.463. 3011, option #2, and follow the prompts to bank with MAGIC….View or print our MAGIC menus for easy reference Account Balance. Savings Balance. Checking Balance. Loan Balance. Credit Card Inquiry. Mortgage Inquiry. Open Share List. Open Loan List.

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