What is Harvard Pilgrim Health Care group number?

If you are enrolled in the PPO, the Harvard Pilgrim group number is 012446.

What network does Harvard Pilgrim use?

Provider coverage includes Harvard Pilgrim’s network in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, and our national network partner, UnitedHealthcare Options for the remaining states. In addition to the Harvard Pilgrim and United Options networks, members may see an out of network provider, at a higher cost.

Is Harvard Pilgrim part of UnitedHealthcare?

This decision expands our strategic partnership with UnitedHealthcare who already serves as our national network provider for Harvard Pilgrim clients and supports our commitment to ensuring that affordable and high-quality care is easily accessible to your clients and our members.

How do I submit a claim to Harvard Pilgrim?

Request Electronic Claim Submission To initiate a request to submit electronic claims directly, contact the EDI Team at edi_team@point32health.org or call the EDI Team at 800-708-4414, option 1, option 3. Harvard Pilgrim does not require pre-enrollment for electronic claims submitted through a clearinghouse.

Is Harvard Pilgrim good insurance?

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) named Harvard Pilgrim, America’s “number one private health plan,” and also ranked it number one in member satisfaction and care quality 8 times in a row.

Where does Harvard Pilgrim cover?

We offer a variety of affordable individual and family plans built to support you and your family no matter what life throws at you. Plus, learn more about the employer-sponsored group plans we offer in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire.

What is RxBin insurance card?

RxBin – the Bank Identification Number routes a claim towards the right insurance. RxPCN – the Processor Control Number further narrows the claim to the specific insurance. ID – the member’s designated identification number. RxGrp – the prescription group number denotes which group plan the member ID falls under.

Is Harvard Pilgrim part of Optum?

“Harvard Pilgrim has been an important partner of Optum for many years and OptumRx is honored to have been selected to support the pharmacy care service needs of its members,” said John Prince, chief executive officer of OptumRx.

What is RX bin Unitedhealthcare?

The Rx BIN number is a 6-digit number health plans use to process electronic pharmacy claims. Rx BIN and PCN numbers are used by new members to pick up a new prescription (or refill) prior to having a new ID card or showing up in the new Carrier’s Rx system.

Does Harvard Pilgrim cover IVF?

Harvard Pilgrim reimburses contracted providers for the diagnosis and medically necessary treatment of infertility for members who meet Harvard Pilgrim’s criteria when such treatment is reasonably likely to result in viable offspring.

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