What is a coined word?

adjective. (of a word, expression, etc.) invented or made up:A coined word, such as Xerox, is one of the most easily protected categories of trademark.

What is the example of coined?

The term hydroponics was originally coined in the mid 20th Century. In 1842, he coined the term dinosaur (from the Greek for ” terrible lizard ” ). The term ‘ meme ‘ was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 bestseller The Selfish Gene.

What type of word is coined?

A word or expression that is newly created. 2. A newly coined word or expression. 2.

Why do we say coined?

You say ‘to coin a phrase’ to show that you realize you are making a pun or using a cliché.

How do you get a word coined?

For the purposes of ensuring credit for coining the word, you might want to keep on hand conclusive evidence that you are the originator of the word – specifically, something that notes the word and the date (or at least the approximate date) that you created it.

What does coin words mean?

(kɔɪn ) Explore ‘coin’ in the dictionary. verb. If you coin a word or a phrase, you are the first person to say it.

What is a non coined word?

A neologism (/niːˈɒlədʒɪzəm/; from Greek νέο- néo-, “new” and λόγος lógos, “speech, utterance”) is a relatively recent or isolated term, word, or phrase that may be in the process of entering common use, but that has not been fully accepted into mainstream language.

How do you coin a word or phrase?

You can trademark a phrase at the local level by applying at your state trademark office. To trademark a phrase locally, you must already be using the phrase publicly. You can apply for a nationwide trademark with the USPTO.

What are the effects of coined words?

Uttered coined words and expressions become different when written. It is in oral communication where one can emphasize pitch, stress, and juncture. Aside from the context, the meanings attached to these words depend a lot on these supra-segmental phonemes.

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