What insurance company owns SilverScript?

SilverScript is now part of Aetna Medicare AetnaMedicare.com is your go-to location for learning about your PDP choices and where you can: Enroll in a PDP. Access and print plan documents. Pay your premium.

Is SilverScript owned by CVS or Aetna?

You’ll receive a Confirmation of Enrollment notice once you’re enrolled. SilverScript is a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) owned by CVS Health. As Aetna is also owned by CVS Health, we are integrating our plans with SilverScript.

Is SilverScript part of Medicare Part D?

SilverScript is a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (PDP) with additional coverage provided by Pfizer. This additional coverage means that you have more coverage than the standard Medicare Part D plan.

Is SilverScript a CVS company?

SilverScript Insurance Company, a CVS Health Company, Introduces Three Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Options for 2019.Oct 1, 2018

Is SilverScript a good part D plan?

All of Aetna’s PDPs have a Medicare star quality rating of 3.5 out of five stars. CVS/Aetna’s SilverScript Smart RX plan has the lowest average monthly premium in 2022, and CVS is one of four main providers of stand-alone Part D prescription drug plans in the United States.

What is the deductible for SilverScript?

Compare our plansSilverScript SmartRx (PDP)Deductible††Tier 1: $0Tier 1 copay**$1Tier 2 copay**$19Cost of 90-day supply of prescription medication §§Tier 1: $32 more rows•

Is SilverScript and CVS Caremark the same?

SilverScript is an affiliate of CVS Caremark. Your new plan through SilverScript will be the only prescription drug plan for Medicare-eligible Retirees of MPIHP.

What is SilverScript insurance company?

SilverScript is a private insurance company that offers Medicare Part D prescription drug plans nationwide. In this article, we’ll explore the prescription drug benefits offered by SilverScript, including an overview of the plan options and their costs.

Is SilverScript worth?

SilverScript Overall Review SilverScript rightfully earns the top spot on this list. With excellent customer service, low out-of-pocket costs, and a high customer satisfaction rating, there is likely a SilverScript plan to meet everyone’s needs.Jul 6, 2022

How much does eliquis cost with Medicare?

Medicare. Patients who have prescription insurance through Medicare pay, on average, $37 per month. And 5 out of 10 ELIQUIS patients pay $10 or less. Low-Income Subsidy patients may pay $0 to $9.85 per month through the Social Security Administration’s Extra Help4 program.

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