What does to coin a phrase mean?

idiom humorous. something you say before using an expression that has been very popular or used too much: I was, to coin a phrase, gobsmacked! SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.6 days ago

What is the verb coin?

transitive verb. 1a : to make (a coin) especially by stamping : mint. b : to convert (metal) into coins. 2 : create, invent coin a phrase. coin money.

Why is it called to coin a phrase?

However, the term to coin a phrase is most often used today in a sarcastic or ironic fashion, in order to acknowledge when someone has used a hackneyed phrase or a cliché. The first use of the word coin as a verb occurred during the 1300s, referring to the process of stamping metal coins with a die.

What is another word for coining a phrase?

What is another word for coin a phrase?composewriteinscribeformulatescribepenciljot downtake downscratch outdraw up63 more rows

How do I coin a phrase?

How to Trademark a Phrase: Step By StepChoose an Original and Distinct Phrase. … Search the USPTO Database for Your Phrase. … Select the Appropriate Filing-Basis for the Trademark Application. … Select the Appropriate Class of Goods/Services and Description of the Goods/Services. … Pay the Appropriate Gov.More items…

How do you coin a word?

For the purposes of ensuring credit for coining the word, you might want to keep on hand conclusive evidence that you are the originator of the word – specifically, something that notes the word and the date (or at least the approximate date) that you created it.

How do you use coined in a sentence?

How to use Coined in a sentenceSilver was coined in the island of Aegina soon afterwards. … Osawatomie was settled about 1854 by colonists sent by the Emigrant Aid Company, and was platted in 1855 its name was coined from parts of the words “Osage” and “Pottawatomie.”More items…

What are coined words?

n. 1. a new word or phrase or an existing word used in a new sense. 2. the introduction or use of new words or new senses of existing words.

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