Is Monero good investment?

The forecaster suggests an average value of $248.37 in 2023, $249.99 in 2024 and $318.73 in 2025. It thinks XMR will trade at a lower value of $285.31 in 2026, but then continue a general year-on-year uptrend, leading to a Monero price prediction for 2030 of $759.65.

What is a Monero coin?

Monero (XMR) is an open-source, privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014. 1 It is built and operates on the concept. These blockchains, which form the underlying technology behind digital currencies, are public ledgers of participants’ activities that show all the transactions on the network.

How much is Monero coin worth?

XMR-USD – Monero USDPrevious Close154.40Open154.40Day’s Range151.25 – 154.7252 Week Range97.23 – 324.53Start Date2014-05-211 more row

Is Monero good crypto?

Is Monero better than Bitcoin? Yes, Monero is better than Bitcoin in some aspects — as a privacy coin, XMR is virtually untraceable, which makes it the cryptocurrency of choice for those who value their anonymity. Monero is also cheaper to use and to mine.

Is Monero worth investing 2022?

As stated by Gov Capital, Monero’s price can increase by more than 70% over the year, reaching the level of $350 in 2022. Gov Capital analysts consider XMR a profitable investment and do not predict downward trends for this cryptocurrency.

How much is Monero worth in 2025?

1 Monero = $153.06YearMid-YearYear-End2022$113$1952023$218$2692024$286$2432025$233$2639 more rows

Why Monero will succeed?

Monero Is Backed by Advanced Technology Although this used to give it the reputation of having few compatible wallets, options have multiplied as of late, and this allows the community of users to grow, thereby increasing its value.

Is it still profitable to mine Monero?

Is Monero mining still profitable? Yes, mining Monero is still profitable – based on the mining hardware hashrate of 42,000.00 H/s, electricity costs, and pool / maintenance fees provided.

Is XMR better than Bitcoin?

Although BTC is the undisputed champion when it comes to overall market cap and trading volume, Monero (XMR) delivers something unique as it is a privacy coin – a cryptocurrency that hides data about its users.

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