Is it to insure or ensure?

“To ensure” means to make certain. “To insure” means to protect against risk by regularly paying an insurance company.

What is a synonym for insure?

Some common synonyms of insure are assure, ensure, and secure.

What does it mean to insure someone?

What Does Insure Mean? To insure something or someone is to cover it with an insurance policy, a kind of agreement that states that if something happens to someone or something that’s insured, the insurance company will provide compensation: I don’t want to insure my car, but the law says I have to.

How do you use insure in a sentence?

3 I insure that you will succeed. 4 Check your work to insure its accuracy. 5 Insure your baggage before you leave home. 6 For protection against unforeseen emergencies, you insure your house, your furnishings and your car.

Is ensure a proper word?

You ensure that something will happen by taking extra precautions. If you’re trying to say “make sure,” then ensure is the correct word to use.

Do Americans use the word ensure?

The Penguin Writer’s Manual notes that the verb “generally used in the active form to mean “make (something) certain” is ensure,” but also notes that ensure is often spelled insure in American English. Use ensure when you mean guarantee.

How do you spell to ensure?

Ensure is a verb that means to make sure something will happen. It is often confused with insure. However, ensure has a much broader usage and meaning, whereas insure refers to a financial agreement.

When to use make sure or ensure?

There’s no difference in meaning between make sure and ensure, it’s just that ensure is more formal. When speaking, we typically use make sure. If writing a more formal article or business text, we would use ensure. Please make sure we have enough copies of the report for everyone in the meeting.

What type of word is ensure?

verb (used with object), en·sured, en·sur·ing. to secure or guarantee: This letter will ensure you a hearing. to make sure or certain: measures to ensure the success of an undertaking. to make secure or safe, as from harm.

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