Is it correct to ensure or insure?

“To ensure” means to make certain. “To insure” means to protect against risk by regularly paying an insurance company. Example: I assure you that she is a skilled technician.

What is another word for insure?

Some common synonyms of insure are assure, ensure, and secure. While all these words mean “to make a thing or person sure,” insure sometimes stresses the taking of necessary measures beforehand.

What is the difference between insure and insured?

As mentioned earlier, the ‘insurer’ is the one calculating risks, providing insurance policies, and paying out claims. The ‘insured,’ on the other hand, is the person (or people) covered under the insurance policy.

Who is insured and insurer?

Insured is the person who is covered against risk. On the other hand, the insurer is the company that is providing coverage. It is a service that an insurer provides under a particular insurance policy against a premium paid by the policyholder.

How do you use insure and Ensure?

Remember: Use “insures” when referring to the specific idea of protection that has a policy attached, and use “ensures” when referring to actions done to guarantee a specific outcome. For example: “To ensure I don’t have to pay additional fees, I decided to insure my trip.”

How do you use insure in a sentence?

Examples of insure in a Sentence This policy will insure your car against theft. She had difficulty finding a company that would insure her. They take great care to insure the safety and security of their home. We hope that careful planning will insure success.

What does it mean to ensure something?

Definition of ensure transitive verb. : to make sure, certain, or safe : guarantee.

Do Americans use the word ensure?

The Penguin Writer’s Manual notes that the verb “generally used in the active form to mean “make (something) certain” is ensure,” but also notes that ensure is often spelled insure in American English. Use ensure when you mean guarantee.

What is the noun form of Ensure?

assurance. Explanation: The English language needs a nice active noun from “ensure”, meaning to make something certain. What it has is “assurance” (which has a number of other meanings as well) or “securing”.

How do you respond to ensure?

You could just respond with something like “sure will”, or ‘yes of course’, even if you don’t do so.

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