Is American Income Life Insurance legitimate?

American Income does offer legitimate life insurance policies. They are very financially strong and can be trusted to pay their claims.

Can I cancel my American Income Life Insurance?

To cancel American Income Life Insurance, there should be a phone number on your policy that you can call to do so. They may send you a form to sign to cancel it. If you cannot reach them, you can just quit paying on your policy and it will lapse by itself.

Is American Income Life lawsuit?

On January 7, 2021, a California federal district court granted final approval to a $5.75 million dollar class action settlement on behalf of American Income Life (“AIL”) agents who were improperly compensated for the hours they worked and trained. You can read the final approval order here.

Is American Income Life still in business?

Today, AIL is one of the nation’s significant providers of supplemental life insurance to labor unions, credit unions, and associations. American Income Life covers more than 2.5 million policyholders and represents more than $273 million in annualized life premium sales in 2021.

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