Is American General life insurance the same as AIG?

American General is part of the American International Group (AIG). They offer term life insurance, guaranteed issue whole life insurance, universal life, variable universal life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

What was the AIG scandal?

The most prominent scam in the recent history of American economy was the AIG Accounting Scandal of 2005. The AIG was found guilty of entering into sham transactions in order to inflate the reserves and to conceal losses. It was also found guilty of misled the Insurance Department about offshore affiliates of AIG.

How do I contact AIG from UK?

Give us a callCancer Cover. 0800 197 4225.Personal Accident. 0800 316 8926.Heart Attack & Stroke Cover. 0800 316 6225.Over 50’s Personal Accident. 0800 980 4317.Postal Address. American International Group UK Limited. … Email. … If your complaint is about a claim: … If your complaint is about something else:

Does AIG life insurance pay out?

AIG term life insurance. Term life insurance guarantees a prespecified payout if the policyholder dies within the stated term. AIG offers a term life insurance policy called “Select-a-Term,” which can be customized with terms between 15 and 35 years.

Did AIG go out of business?

You may be surprised to learn that the American International Group Inc., better known as AIG (NYSE: AIG), is still alive and kicking, and is no longer considered a threat to the financial stability of the United States.

Who owns AIG now?

Instead, the Treasury Department will obtain direct ownership of 1.655 billion A.I.G. shares, giving it 92.1 percent of the outstanding common stock. These shares will be issued in exchange for the conversion of the $49.1 billion in preferred shares held by the Treasury.Oct 7, 2010

What happened to General American Life Insurance Company?

NEW YORK, Ap. MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) today announced that it has completed the merger of its subsidiary, General American Life Insurance Company, with and into another subsidiary, Metropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company.

Who did AIG merger with?

AIG Funds, with assets totaling $6.8 billion, were reorganized and merged into either existing or newly created Touchstone funds, which brings Touchstone’s fund lineup to 32 funds with assets under management to $35.9 billion.

Which companies does AIG own?

Below, we’ll take a look at five of AIG’s most important subsidiaries and affiliates.AIG American General Life Insurance Company. … The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company. … AIG Life and Retirement Company. … AIG Property Casualty. … AIG Global Real Estate.

Is American General life insurance a real company?

AIG is one of the biggest insurers in the world, serving millions of customers in more than 80 countries. AIG offers term, whole and universal life insurance to individuals. The company also offers a range of insurance and investment products to businesses.

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