Is Alliance united the same as Kemper?

Alliance United is now Kemper Auto. For assistance, contact our helpful, bilingual (English and Spanish) customer service team at 1-866-530-5500 (available M-F 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or email Customer Service. Access your portal to quote and manage business.

How do I file a claim with Alliance?

Just call us toll-free: 1-866-884-3556.

Is Alliance United a good insurance company?

Overall, WalletHub’s editors give Alliance United a rating of 2/5 due to the company’s limited coverage area and high consumer complaint ratio. High-risk drivers may be able to find cost-effective coverage options with Alliance United Insurance, but they could end up sacrificing in terms of customer service.

How do I cancel my Alliance United Insurance?

Cancel Alliance United On Your OwnTo end your Alliance United insurance over the phone you should call 1-866-530-5500. … You can send an email to to get in touch with Alliance United and cancel your insurance.More items…

Who took over Kemper insurance?

CHICAGO (AP) _ Kemper Corp. took itself off the auction block Tuesday by announcing it has agreed to be bought by Zurich Insurance Group of Switzerland and a group of other investors for about $2 billion.

When did Kemper insurance go out of business?

and promptly sold off the securities division to Kemper employees as a separate company named Everen Securities Inc. Renamed Everan Capital Corp., the spinoff forced Kemper to take an $88 million loss from discontinued operations in 1995.

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