Is ACP a good stock to buy?

Summary. ACP has had a good run since we bought it in October 2020. But its NAV announcements in recent months suggest the capital gains of earlier in the year may have turned to capital losses lately. If so, its distribution coverage ratios will likely have dropped.

Is ACP an ETF?

ETF Price & Overview.

Is ACP a closed end fund?

Unlike open end funds, closed end funds trade on an exchange at a price which is often a discount to their net asset value (NAV)….8.60. 0.07 (0.8206%)Bid/Size8.40/27Low8.46Previous Close AS OF 08/05/20228.60Price Performance (Last 52 Wk)-24.03%3 more rows

What is ACP in stock market?

An arbitrage trading program (ATP) is designed to automatically take advantage of arbitrage opportunities, based on programmed strategies. Arbitrage opportunities don’t usually last long, therefore computers are more efficient at finding the opportunities and quickly exploiting them compared to humans.

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