How much is a krone coin worth?

According to currency site, one Norwegian krone is worth abut 14 US cents. Currency exchange rates are always changing, so look it up to be sure. A coin collector may pay $2 or $3 US dollars to buy a fully uncirculated piece.

What is a Norge coin?

The Norwegian silver-colored coin of 1 krone has a diameter of 21mm and weighs 4.35g. The coin has a hole in the middle. The word ‘Norge’ is inscripted on the 1 NOK copper-nickel coin”….Additional information.LocationNorwayCurrencyNorwegian KronerSeriesNorwegian Kroner coinsTendercoinsWeight4.35 g10 more rows

Is the krone a good investment?

The Norwegian krone has been known as a safe currency, thanks in large part to Norway having no net debt. The Norwegian krone is also a standalone currency which means it’s not tied to another country’s failures.

Where is the 1 krone coin from?

Krone (Danish coin)Kingdom of Denmark Denmark Faroe Islands GreenlandValue1.00 Danish kroneMass3.6 gDiameter20.25 mmObverse10 more rows

How much is a krone compared to a dollar?

Convert Norwegian Krone to US DollarNOKUSD1 NOK0.102763 USD5 NOK0.513817 USD10 NOK1.02763 USD25 NOK2.56908 USD7 more rows

How many kronas is a dollar?

Convert Swedish Krona to US DollarSEKUSD1 SEK0.0980964 USD5 SEK0.490482 USD10 SEK0.980964 USD25 SEK2.45241 USD7 more rows

What is 1KR coin?

They are part of the Icelandic Kronur coins series. The Central Bank of Iceland started issuing these 1 Icelandic Króna coins in 1981. They are currently still in circulation. The fish on the coin of 1KR from Iceland is a cod. The back side of the 1 Króna coin features a giant and the text ‘Ein Króna Island’.

What are Danish coins made of?

Danish Krone Coins and Banknotes The color variations roughly correspond to the old system of gold and silver coins – thus, higher-value coins are composed of an aluminum bronze that approximates a gold color, while lower value coins minted from a nickel alloy appear silver.

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