How much does the CEO of Progressive Insurance make?

As the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Progressive, the total compensation of Susan Griffith at Progressive is $14,041,300.

Who is the CEO of Progressive Insurance?

Tricia GriffithPresident & Chief Executive Officer Prior to being named CEO, Griffith served as Personal Lines Chief Operating Officer since April, 2015, overseeing the company’s Personal Lines, Claims, and Customer Relationship Management groups.

How do I contact the CEO of Progressive?

President & Chief Executive Officer(Direct) +1 440 ❅❅❅ ❅❅❅❅ (Direct)(HQ) (440) 461-5000. (HQ)❅❅❅❅❅ 6300 Wilson Mills Rd., Villa, Ohio, 44143, United States. (HQ)

How long has Tricia Griffith been CEO of Progressive?

Tricia GriffithAlma materIllinois State University, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of BusinessOccupationBusiness executiveYears active1988 – presentEmployerThe Progressive Corporation (President and CEO)2 more rows

Who is the highest paid insurance CEO?

In 2021, Daniel S. Glaser, chairman and CEO of Marsh & Mclennan, received the highest compensation of 21.5 million USD….Insurance brokers: top 5 highest paid executives in the world.NameJ. Patrick Gallagher Jr.Stock options1 800Other benefits and bonuses7 090Overall salary (1)13 882Evolution 2019/202024.20%4 more columns•

How much does CEO of Geico make?

Leading the pack was former GEICO CEO Olza “Tony” Nicely, who received a $77 million “golden parachute,” a large sum exit package, in 2020.

How much does Michael tipsord make?

In 2020, Tipsord was paid a little over $20 million in cash. In the last two years State Farm has taken its executive compensation to new levels. In 2019, Tipsord’s total compensation was about $10 million. “For the third year in a row State Farm experienced impressive growth,” the company said in a statement.

How many employees does Progressive have?

Progressive is the third largest auto insurer in the country—a combined effort of every single Progressive person. We’re a diverse group of more than 45,000 talented employees—from all walks of life, all fields of business, and all 50 states.

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