How many employees does SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union have?

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit UnionTypeCredit unionTotal assets$26.9B USD (2021)Members1,200,238 (2021)Number of employees2,332 (2020)WebsiteSchoolsFirstFCU.org8 more rows

Is SchoolsFirst credit union federally insured?

Is Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union FDIC insured? No, credit unions are not insured by the FDIC. Most, but not all, are insured by the National Credit Union Administration. The insurance provisions of the NCUA are similar to, but not identical to, FDIC insurance.

Is SchoolsFirst NCUA insured?

2022 Overview Schoolsfirst is an NCUA insured institution located in Tustin, CA.

What is the withdrawal limit for SchoolsFirst?

The ATM limit withdrawal is $1,000 a day combined for all the ATM cards on your Membership. Please be aware ATM transaction limits may vary if the ATM is out of network or a co-op ATM. Hello Bryan! We have a limit of $5000 cash withdrawals at our branches.

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