How do you contact Globe Life Insurance?

Call us at 800-831-1200.

Can I have the phone number for globe?

How can I report issues on my account to Globe customer service? You may report your concerns through the GlobeOne app’s Help Center section. You may also opt to dial 211 using your Globe mobile, 808 using TM, or 027730-1000 using a landline for free, and our Globe Digital Assistant will be glad to help you.

What type of insurance is Globe Life Insurance?

Globe Life sells term life, whole life, children’s life insurance and accidental death insurance. In addition, it offers final expense insurance (also called burial insurance) and mortgage protection insurance. Globe Life does not require medical exams for its life insurance policies.

Is Globe Life Insurance a legitimate insurance company?

While Globe Life is a legitimate life insurance company with an A+ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, it has a disproportionate number of consumer complaints. Its 2016 NAIC Complaint Index, which measures the number of complaints a company receives against its size, was 5.10.

How do I claim my Globe Life Insurance?

Life Claims FAQsEmail: 1-800-654-5433.Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday.

How do I know my Globe Life Insurance policy?

To check the status of your claim, you can call our Customer Service department at 1-888-650-4081 or you can visit our eService Center.

Does Globe Life insurance expire?

How long is the term for Globe Life and Accident Insurance? For policies issued as of 1/3/2020, Globe’s Term life insurance lasts until age 90. That means your policy will remain in force through age 89. The day you turn 90, your coverage will expire, and you’ll no longer have life insurance coverage.

How do I cancel my Globe Life Insurance policy?

You can cancel your Globe Life Insurance policy by calling their customer service department. To voice your concerns or raise a complaint, simply call 1-888-650-4081 from your phone.

Does Globe Life Insurance have a grace period?

Many Globe Life policies have a 31-day grace period, which will allow your coverage to remain in force.

Is Globe Life term or whole life?

That’s an easy one to answer: Globe Life And Accident Insurance Company provides both whole life and term life insurance plans. Term life plans are purchased for a set number of years (a term, hence the name) after which the policy ends.

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