How do I pay my Lowes credit card bill?

Simply use your Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card login portal, which can be accessed from, to view and pay your bill securely. Online account management means you’ll never have to miss your Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card payment. Set up AutoPay so your payment is made automatically each month.

What credit service does Lowes use?

Lowe’s uses all three major credit bureaus. They randomly select Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion to check the applicant’s credit.

Who handles Lowes credit?

Synchrony Bank issues the Lowe’s Store Card. Synchrony Bank is one of the largest providers of credit cards in the U.S., mostly issuing store credit cards.Feb 5, 2022

Is Lowe’s credit through Synchrony Bank?

If you like to shop at Lowe’s, the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card issued by Synchrony Bank can be a pretty essential tool.

How do I view my Lowes statement online?

Sign in to your Lowe’s Advantage Credit Account.Click on Activity in the navigation bar.Choose Statements.Follow the easy enrollment instructions.

What bank is Lowes credit card?

The Lowe’s Advantage Card is a store credit card issued by Synchrony Bank. You can only use the card at Lowe’s stores or online.

Where do I send my Lowes credit card payment?

For store credit cards (also called “private label” cards), send a check or money order to: Synchrony Bank / P.O. Box 960061 / Orlando, FL 32896-0061. For Visa cards and Mastercards, send payment to: Synchrony Bank / P.O. Box 960013 / Orlando, FL 32896-0013.

Can I pay Lowes card with debit card?

What payment methods does Lowes Card accept? Pay through doxo via Apple Pay, debit card, bank account or credit card.

Is there an app for Lowes credit card?

Download the Lowe’s app today and use your smartphone to pay in store with your Lowe’s Advantage Card.

Can I pay Lowes card with credit card?

We accept checks drawn on US financial institutions, money orders, or electronic payments. Gift certificates and other credit cards are not accepted as a form of payment.

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