How do I make an AIG payment?

Call toll free: 1-888-978-5371. Phone payment is only available for clients with continental U.S. billing addresses. Follow the prompts to complete your payment. If you make a payment by debiting your bank account/credit card, you are authorizing AIG Private Client Group to execute that transaction on your behalf.

Is American General life insurance AIG?

American General is part of the American International Group (AIG). They offer term life insurance, guaranteed issue whole life insurance, universal life, variable universal life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Does AIG life insurance pay out?

AIG term life insurance. Term life insurance guarantees a prespecified payout if the policyholder dies within the stated term. AIG offers a term life insurance policy called “Select-a-Term,” which can be customized with terms between 15 and 35 years.

How do I get in touch with AIG?

Contact us by phone, mail, or faxAmerican General Life Insurance Company and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. Life Insurance Customers. … Life Insurance Customers: Phone: 800-633-6259. … Life Insurance Customers. Phone: 800-888-2452. … Life Insurance Customers. Phone: 800-888-2452.

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