How do I dispute a Ent charge?

Get help with online banking, debit disputes or making changes to your accounts. Call us at 800-525-9623.

Is Ent credit union nationwide?

As a result, Ent members have access to more than 5,600 Shared Branch locations and nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs in all 50 states. So even if you’re far from home, you can do your banking or get cash just like you would at one of Ent’s Service Centers.

Does Ent Federal credit union use Zelle?

Neither Ent nor Navy Federal Credit Union are part of the Zelle network, but officials at both credit unions said that could change.

Does Ent credit union have an app?

Convenient, fast, secure and free – Ent’s Mobile Banking App allows you to easily review your account balances and history, transfer funds, make loan payments, pay bills, deposit checks, track your budget and more! Your personal financial information security is our top priority.

Is Ent Credit Union FDIC insured?

Individual accounts are insured up to $250,000 in the aggregate – the same as with FDIC coverage. For example, if a member has a First500 Savings, Checking and Certificate account in one name alone, the funds in the accounts would be added together and insured for a total of up to $250,000.

Why is ent a good bank?

Ent Credit Union shines in the area of account fees. All of its checking, savings, money market and CD accounts have no monthly fees. Ent Credit Union also offers fee-free access to nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide for some account holders.

How do I dispute a bill?

What to do if you want to dispute a bill for any valid reasonDo not ever call to settle a bill or resolve a billing problem. … State briefly all your true reasons why you should not pay the entire bill or some specific amount.Attach copies of all relevant papers.Request specific action by a specific date.More items…•

How do you write a letter to dispute a bill for services?

I am writing to dispute a charge of [$______] to my [credit or debit card] account on [date of the charge]. The charge is in error because [explain the problem briefly. For example, the items weren’t delivered, I was overcharged, I returned the items, I did not buy the items, etc.].

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