How do I dispute a charge with Keesler Federal Credit Union?

If you determine the transaction is truly unauthorized, contact Keesler Federal at 1-888-533-7537 or visit any branch to open a claim. Please have all necessary documentation available at the time of the call or branch visit.

How do I find my Keesler Federal Credit Union member number?

Log into Online Banking, click the “Accounts” widget, then select determined account. Once account page is displayed click “Account Details”. There you will find your 14 digit “MICR ACCOUNT NUMBER”.

How do I pay my Keesler credit card?

PO Box. 7001, Biloxi, MS 39534. Please include your account and the share or loan ID numbers. *Payments by phone can be made at 1-888-533-7537 or in-person using an external debit card or account and are assessed a $4.95 per-transaction service fee.

Is Keesler a good bank?

It was established in 1947 and as of March of 2022, it had grown to 717 employees and 292,138 members at 39 locations. Keesler Federal Credit Union’s CD rates are 17% higher than the national average, and it has an A health rating….Health Grade Components.OverallEmployees717Primary Regulator2 more rows

How do I cancel a pending transaction on Keesler Federal Credit Union?

To check whether the payment is still pending because the recipient hasn’t yet enrolled, you can go to your activity page, choose the payment you want to cancel, and then select “Cancel This Payment.” If you do not see this option available, please contact our customer support team at 1-888-533-7537 for assistance with …

What is Keesler overdraft limit?

Overdraft Privilege There is no cost for this service unless you use it; you may be charged a $25 fee for each overdrawn item.

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