How do I contact Pacific Life?

Questions? Call (800) 722-2333 or (800) 748-6907 for NY, or email us.

Who is Pacific Life owned by?

Pacific Life is a California Stock Life Insurance Company wholly-owned by Pacific LifeCorp (a Delaware Stock Holding Company) which is, in turn, 98% owned by Pacific Mutual Holding Company (a California Mutual Holding Company).

Are Pacific Life annuities good?

Pacific Life receives very good credit ratings from all the major agencies. Fitch rates it A+ (Strong), Moody’s rates it A1 (Good) and S&P rates it A+ (Strong). S&P states that ‚ÄúPacific Life’s competitive position is very strong.Mar 5, 2014

Where is Pacific Life based?

The Pacific Life Foundation was established in 1984 and is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA.

Are annuities a Good Investment?

Is an Annuity a Good Investment? Annuities are a good investment for people wanting a reliable income stream during retirement. Annuities are insurance products, not an equity investment with high growth. This makes annuities a good balance to a financial portfolio for someone near or in retirement.

How long has Pacific Life been in business?

Since 1868, we’ve been focused on our customers – doing what’s right by you and evolving our products and services to meet your needs. We’re proud of our more than 150 years of service and are already invested in what’s ahead for the next 150. Legacy, innovation, strength and a vision for the future.

Is Pacific Life a good company to work for?

Is Pacific Life a good company to work for? Pacific Life has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5, based on over 547 reviews left anonymously by employees. 72% of employees would recommend working at Pacific Life to a friend and 54% have a positive outlook for the business.5 days ago

What is Pacific Life annuity?

An annuity provides steady, reliable monthly income for your entire life. And if you want that income to start now, or within a year from now, consider an immediate annuity. It’s the simplest, most straightforward type of annuity you can buy. And you’ll know from day one how much income you will receive.

Is Pacific Life Insurance a public company?

Pacific Life has no publicly traded stock. We are an independent company that remains focused on financial strength and long-term strategies that benefit policyholders and clients.Apr 1, 2022

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