How do I contact CIBC Mastercard?

Call us for questions and support with your account. 1-800-567-3343 Opens your phone app.

How do I check my CIBC credit card statement?

Simply sign on to CIBC Online Banking® from your computer and change your settings. After that, you can view eStatements for your credit cards and bank accounts online or on your mobile device. You can also view eStatements online for your personal lines of credit and investment accounts2.

How do I activate my CIBC credit card over the phone?

Activate your card through CIBC Online Banking® or CIBC Mobile Banking® or by calling CIBC at 1 800 465-4653 (in Canada and the U.S.) or 514 861-4653 (from elsewhere).

Why is my CIBC credit card declined?

All CIBC credit cards include a disclosure in the terms and conditions stating a hold may be placed on your credit card if payments are late. If this happens, you won’t be able to use your credit card while the account is past due. Any pre-authorized payments that are being charged to the account will also be declined.

How do I access my credit card online?

If you obtained a credit card through your current bank or credit union, your credit card account may be accessible through your existing online banking account. If not, check the back of your credit card for the credit card issuer’s web address where you can create an online account.

Is CIBC taking over Costco Mastercard?

Members who have an eligible Capital One Costco Mastercard will automatically receive new credit cards from CIBC to replace their current cards. You won’t need to reapply. Your new CIBC Costco Mastercard will also double as your Costco membership card. The new card will arrive by mail before Aug.

Can I contact CIBC via email?

To better serve you, please send us an email with your inquiry Send an email to Opens your email app.. If you prefer to speak to an agent, please provide the phone number and best time to reach you and one of our team members will be pleased to give you a call.

How do I pay my CIBC Costco Mastercard?

You can make a payment to your Costco Mastercard using CIBC Mobile Banking App or CIBC Online Banking, or by setting up CIBC Mastercard as a payee through your current financial institution. Set-up new recurring bill payments, including payments of pre-determined amounts to your CIBC Costco Mastercard.

How do I pay my credit card bill online CIBC?

Sign on to CIBC Online Banking. Opens in a dialog. OUR BIGGEST OFFER: Get up to $400† with a CIBC Smart™ Account….Online BankingSelect “Pay Bills”Select “Set up a payment”Enter the payee, amount, account and the frequency from the drop-down menu.Select “Next”, then select “Set Up Payments”

How do I cancel my credit card CIBC?

To cancel a CIBC credit card, you will need to call CIBC directly as these cards can only be cancelled over the phone. CIBC’s customer service reps can be reached at 1-800-465-4653. Once you call in, the customer service rep will be able to quickly cancel your credit card with no pushback.Dec 7, 2021

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