How do I check the balance on my security card?

You can access account information 24/7 by calling our CallPlus automated phone service. Find out your available balance, the most recent transactions, transfer funds, or make payments. Just call 1.800. 527.7328.

Does Security Service Federal Credit Union have Zelle?

Security Service FCU does not offer Zelle or another P2P option, and it was a decision the organization debated for more than a year, according to Tkachuk.

How do I dispute a charge on Security Service Federal Credit Union?

Email the completed form to Debit/Credit Card Dispute (Non-Fraud) – Use this form to dispute an issue with an authorized debit or credit card transaction. Email the completed form to

What credit bureau does Security Service Credit Union use?

What credit bureau does Security Service Credit Union use for reporting? SSFCU uses TransUnion for checking an applicant’s credit score.

How much money can you withdraw from security service?

The maximum amount of cash you can withdraw from an ATM in one day is: ATM Card – $650 per day… How do I order a new debit card? If your card was lost or stolen, notify us immediately at 1(800)527-7328.

How much can I withdraw Ssfcu?

Daily transaction limits: $1,000 ATM withdrawal $12,000 signature-based transactions $12,000… …

How much is a replacement Social Security card in Virginia?

There is no charge for a Social Security card. This service is free. Please read our Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page to learn about changes to Social Security number card requests during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do I need to get a replacement Social Security card in Virginia?

Replacement Social Security Card To apply for a replacement card, you must provide one document to prove your identity. If you were born outside the U.S., you must also provide documents to prove your U.S. citizenship or current, lawful, work-authorized status.

How long does it take to get your Social Security card in Virginia?

You can request your card online today! You can replace your card online and receive it in 14 days. You can also use your account to check the status of your request and manage other benefits you receive from us.

How do I get a replacement Social Security card in VA?

Virginians and residents of other participating states who meet a few basic requirements may visit to submit their application online. Social Security compares the submitted information with DMV and other records and, upon verification, mails the customer a new card.

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