How do I cancel my car insurance with Kemper?

If you want to cancel your car insurance policy with Kemper, call Kemper directly at 1-800-216-6347 or call your local agent who helped you set up the policy. Keep in mind that you should receive a refund for any unused portion of your policy if you paid your premiums in advance.

Who took over Kemper insurance?

Alliance United is now Kemper Auto. Access your portal to quote and manage business.

Is Kemper Auto a good company?

The BBB gives Kemper Insurance a A+ rating based on 433 complaints resolved by the company. There are also 111 customer reviews available meaning that the company’s rating is worth considering.Mar 2, 2022

What is Kemper Auto Insurance?

Kemper auto insurance is one of the most popular insurance providers for high-risk drivers. If you have a DUI, require an SR-22, or have a period of no coverage and have found it difficult to find affordable insurance rates, you may want to check out Kemper insurance.

When did Kemper insurance go out of business?

and promptly sold off the securities division to Kemper employees as a separate company named Everen Securities Inc. Renamed Everan Capital Corp., the spinoff forced Kemper to take an $88 million loss from discontinued operations in 1995.

Does Kemper Auto Insurance have a grace period?

We provide a 40 day grace period to bring a friend to Kemper Direct.

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