How can I talk to a person at Credit One Bank?

Please call Customer Service at 1-877-825-3242.

Does Credit One have live chat support?

Use our chat feature for instant answers to your questions.

Does Credit One have customer service?

We support TDD/TTY and operator relay calls through our toll-free customer service number at 1-877-825-3242.

How do I check my Credit One credit card balance?

If you want to check your Credit One balance by phone, call 1-877-825-3242 and select your language. Then, enter your card number followed by the pound sign (#) to be taken to the account management menu, where you can choose to check your balance.Dec 9, 2020

Is Credit One Bank a real bank?

Yes, Credit One Bank is a legit bank that has been issuing unsecured credit cards for people with limited credit and bad credit since 1984. Credit One Bank has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is considered to be a major credit card company by the market research firm J.D. Power.

Why did Credit One closed my account?

Credit One may have closed your account because you hadn’t used the card recently. It’s common practice for Credit One to close a credit card account if there’s no activity on the card for at least 12 months.

Is Capital One and Credit One the same?

No, Capital One does not own Credit one, nor are they affiliated in any other way. While Capital One and Credit One Bank have similar names and branding, they are two separate credit card issuers and financial entities.

How do I cancel my Credit One Bank credit card?

To cancel a Credit One credit card, call the card issuer at 1-877-825-3242. Go through the automated menu to reach customer service, and then tell the representative that you want to cancel your credit card.Aug 1, 2022

How do I file a complaint against Credit One?

Those who find themselves in a position where they need to file a complaint against Credit One Bank need to know that they have options….Ways to Contact Credit One Bank Customer SupportPhone Number1-877-825-3242 (toll-free, TDD/TTY)2 more rows

How do I cancel my Credit One account?

The easiest way to cancel a Credit One card is by calling customer service at (877) 825-3242. This line is open 24/7. Another way to cancel your card is to mail the request. Credit One does not offer an option to cancel online.

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