Does Seguro mean insurance?

Insurance is an arrangement in which you pay money regularly to a company, and they pay money to you if something unpleasant happens to you, for example if your property is stolen.

How do you say insurance information in Spanish?

Examples have not been reviewed….iyoinsuranceel seguroinformationla información2 more rows

How do you say homeowners insurance in Spanish?


How do you say car quote in Spanish?

Agrega lo de “automático”.Oct 7, 2006

What means Seguro?

Adjective can refer to safety, security, certainty As a cognate of the English word “secure,” seguro has most of the meanings of “secure” as well as a few of its own. It is used most often to refer to safety, security, dependability, and certainly, concepts that overlap.

How do you use a seguro?

1:353:26Seguro | Spanish Word of the Day #285 [Spanish Lessons] – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd because it is a masculine noun you can say el seguro. Or UN seguro. The plural form is loMoreAnd because it is a masculine noun you can say el seguro. Or UN seguro. The plural form is lo Seguros or unos Segura’s. Now let’s see a few examples. Using. This word as a noun. No seguro de autos son

What does Enojada mean in English?

adjective. cross [adjective] angry. huffy [adjective] in a huff. sore [adjective] (American) irritated, annoyed or offended.

How do you say of course in Spanish?

11 Ways to Say Of Course in SpanishPor supuesto. This is perhaps the most literal translation of the phrase “of course” in Spanish, and one of the most commonly used too. … Desde luego. … Claro. … Claro que sí … Claro que no. … Es un hecho. … Cómo no. … Obviamente.More items…•Dec 8, 2020

How do you say Enojado in English?

enojado in Spanish is “ANGRY”.

Is it El Razon or La Razon?

‘El razon is not masculine. It’s feminin. You don’t say, ‘el razon. You say, ‘la razon.

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