Does AXA Equitable still exist?

Formerly known as AXA Equitable Life, the company will begin this new chapter in its distinguished history as Equitable, an iconic American brand synonymous with helping generations of people achieve financial well-being.

How do I get out of AXA Equitable?

Cease contributions to AXA/Equitable by filling out a new Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) with your employer. Open a new account with a lower-cost vendor available through your employer.

Is AXA a life insurance?

Our individual and group life insurance policies encompass both savings and retirement products, on the one hand, and other health and personal protection products, on the other. Savings and retirement products meet the need to set aside capital to finance the future, a special project or retirement.

Can I pay my Equitable life insurance Online?

You must be registered in the Equitable client portal website to make a payment online. From the Portfolio Summary, select “Make A Payment” from the drop-down menu next to the policy number.

What happened to AXA life insurance?

In 2004, the company officially changed its name to AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. By 2018, the company had over 15,800 agents licensed by the State of California. In January 2020, it changed its name to Equitable Holdings, Inc.

Who bought AXA life insurance?

Further to the announcement on 16 August 2021, HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc (HSBC), has completed the acquisition of 100% of the issued share capital of AXA Insurance Pte Limited (AXA Singapore) for a consideration of US$529m, subject to …

Why did Equitable leave AXA?

AXA began the process of spinning Equitable off as a separate company in 2017, partly in response to changes in European insurance company accounting and solvency laws. AXA distributed stock in the unit, which was then known as AXA Equitable, to its own shareholders in May 2018.

Are Equitable and AXA the same?

Equitable Holdings started toward independence in May 2018 with an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. In March 2019, AXA S.A. completed a secondary public offering and exited its position as majority stakeholder.

What is Equitable Life called now?

On 4 March 2019 we re-branded to Utmost Life and Pensions from our former name, Reliance Life and on 1 January 2020 we welcomed our Equitable Life customers.

What happened to Equitable Life insurance?

Many policyholders lost half their life savings, and the company came close to collapse. Following a July 2000 House of Lords ruling and the failure of attempts to find a buyer for the business, it closed to new business in December 2000 and reduced payouts to existing members.

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