¿Cuál es el plural de coin en inglés?

coin noun (plural: coins)

¿Qué moneda meaning?

A coin is a small piece of metal used as money.

¿Cómo in Spanish mean?

Generally speaking, the adverb como has a comparative meaning. You can use it with the verb ser (to be) to compare things, people, actions, etc. There are different ways in which this como can be used, but it usually translates as “as” or “like.”

¿Cómo estás mean in spanish?

¿cómo estás? hello! how are you? Hola, como estas? Hello, how have you been?

¿Cómo se escribe coins?

coin {sustantivo} That has happened with other coins, such as the French silver coin. expand_more Esto ya ha pasado con otras monedas como, por ejemplo, la moneda de plata francesa. It is also made clear that innovation and research are two sides of the same coin.

¿Cuánto vale un coins?

Coin a US DollarCoinUS Dollar10.000000000050.0000000000100.0000000000500.00000000004 more rows

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